Seems a little unlikely, I know, but necessary. Last year, we launched, a site dedicated to making sustainable travel in Latin America more easily understood and applied, and it includes rankings for individual countries. will soon be joined by a partner site that will serve the same purpose for Africa, including our rankings of individual countries. Why, you ask.

Africa is unique in all the world. The second most-populous continent covers six percent of Earth’s total surface, and is home to 16% of the world’s human population that includes a variety of distinctive cultures. It also encompasses the world’s largest combination of density and free-ranging wild animal populations. That makes its conservation, preservation and environmental issues completely different from anywhere else on earth, and they must be confronted with unique approaches and solutions.

Even though the concepts around conservation have been talked about in Africa for years, the necessary actions have not always been as forthcoming. With so many different narratives out there, how do you plan an authentic African journey if you care about sustainable travel?

Add to that, the way we travel in Africa has completely changed from previous generations. Once there was a hierarchy of sorts for safari travel. First timers usually traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, while seasoned Africa hands ventured into countries such as Botswana and Namibia.

Not so today. First time travelers are just as likely to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or to meet the Bushmen of South Africa. That makes it more important than ever that we offer you an easy, understandable approach to sustainable travel in Africa.

So…. Keep your eye out for the new (oops, I almost spoiled the surprise), coming soon.

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