Ecuador is a beautiful country with an ecosystem that is bursting with life.  Of course there are lush native plants, exotic birds and active animals. However, one of the most fascinating forms of life in Ecuador is their indigenous people, the Achuar. These people are hunters, fishermen and crop collectors that have a very close relationship with nature.

The Achuar are among the very few who have refused to leave the forests of Ecuador to live in the big cities. Their fundamental beliefs are tired to both the universe and the land, so they have taken their passion and used it to create a true eco-lodge called Kapawi. The Kapawi Lodge is managed by the Achuar people and all profits stay within their community.  This is great as it allows the Achuar people to support themselves and live on their own terms. Unfortunately the lodge is only reachable by air, but it is definitely worth it to arrange the trip. When you visit, you can visit with one of the community shaman, take a tour or visit one of the schools. This destination is a unique opportunity to visit a remote area that offers up a truly rich cultural experience.

It’s not very often that you can travel to a place where the community has adapted their traditional way of life into a way to support themselves. The Achuar people are truly amazing and the Kapawi Lodge is a great place to visit if you are interested in nature, culture and adventure!

Enid Glasgow