At some point in your life you might have heard of the Galapagos Islands. But what makes them so special?

1. The Wildlife – Beneath the waters of the Galapagos lies a world of great diversity and beauty. There are thousands of species to view, from Sea Turtles to Hammerhead sharks, Angelfish, Whales, Stingrays, and even Penguins. It’s this biodiversity that has attracted the likes of scientists and nature lovers alike to these waters.

 2. The Challenge – The islands are just as known for their difficulty as they are their beauty. Strong currents and surges can present an exhilarating challenge for the adventure seeker and passionate SCUBA Diving enthusiast. Divers are required to be certified so make sure to bring your PADI or NAUI card with you on this adventure.

 3. Postcard Perfect Weather Year Round – The Galapagos Islands enjoy a temperate climate year round. The warmest time of year is usually from February to April with 80 degree water temps. September through November present colder water temperatures in the mid-sixties.

 4. Easy to Find a Tour – There are many options for getting out into the water. There are many diving tours offered by several companies, or you can go in style aboard a yacht or live-aboard cruise that takes you around to the best spots.

5. There’s something for everybody – All you diving novices and newbies out there don’t have to miss out on the adventure. You can find amazing sea life and dive spots without the challenging currents off Santa Cruz Island.  Or try Beagle Island and its famous black coral, which plays a stunning backdrop to the sea life while presenting gentler diving waters.

Enid Glasgow