Located in the Terai lowlands of Nepal, this national park features some of the best landscapes in Nepal and is home to many unusual wildlife. This is due to the mix of ecosystems that interact with with hills, plains, lakes, and more making up this UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition Royal Chitwan National Park serves as a Rhinoceros sanctuary.

Royal Chitwan National Park is one of Nepals largest attractions. The subtropical woodlands beneath the Himalayas and in the center of the Gangetic Plain, host an incredible cross section of flora and fauna.  Tigers, Rhinoceros , Leopards, Wild Pigs, Crocodiles, and variety of Fowl make up just a fraction of the wildlife to be seen.

Elephant rides are a popular offering in the park, with  families and trekkers riding this large animal for wildlife excursions into the jungle. Royal Chitwan safari’s can offer rare and coveted views of several endangered species such as the one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, wild elephants, and the rare Gangetic dolphin.

Enid Glasgow