Resetting the bar For Sustainable Tourism

No matter how often the subject comes up at conferences, meetings and one-on-ones, the conversation often comes back to some of the same basic questions. Is it real? What is it? Where do I begin if I want to do it?

We launched the new about sustainable travel not to lecture, and, certainly not to sell. So what gives?  Why do this now?

Over the years, even decades, many voices have been talking about responsible tourism; and how, when done right, it has the power to change societies and even nations.

That is exactly the reason behind We have come to understand that travel today is as much about the why as it is about the where.  It is time to reset the bar and talk about the importance of sustainable travel in a real, everyday context.  Not to preach but to inform; to answer the vital where do I begin question.

If you think about it, the same general questions can be applied to anything from buying a new car to creating a new world.

Some might think we are taking a risk with this site; some country leaders may take issue with a particular ranking. aims to reach beyond the fabled islands to focus on Latin America, and offers ranking based on our experience. We hope this becomes a platform where you can come to understand the exciting global sustainable tourism transformation underway, and how you as a fellow traveler can be part of this.

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