Don’t Let Procrastination Delay Your Tours

Time is a subtle thief.  Even, when we love something, time often slips in the door, and before we realize it, the deadline is here…. or worse, passed.  That is especially painful when the thing we’ve missed is something we love to do, like vacations.

New places and people, exciting things to do and new sights to see. Why then do we habitually put off making decisions about our next adventure?  We are busy, period.

Nearly a half century since computers began to infiltrate our lives, and, in spite of stunning technological advances, we are busier and more harassed than ever. Work is decidedly more efficient, but we remain overwhelmed. Time is the new luxury.

What’s the remedy?

Find the experts who can take over the things you simply do not have the time to do. We can help.

Since the holidays, we created a complete Chile adventure on 24-hour notice; set up a Colombia tour for a client that included a myriad of details including reassigning guides in just 48 hours; set up a safari in Tanzania for clients that  decided to go just two weeks prior while on a holiday break; and managed to snag the last state room for a journey on the Irrawaddy River along with some of the last rooms in the city hotels with three weeks notice, and assign one of our top guides in Myammar.

Pulling off the nearly impossible in record time is what we do so well so often. If time has snuck up on you that doesn’t mean it is too late. Check out the Top Five Destinations we are helping procrastinators travel to today. Then call us… tomorrow.

It’s ok. You can admit it if you are a procrastinator.


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