If you are an adventurer, the thought of exploring a new destination gets your heart pumping. However, sometimes simply exploring isn’t enough and we want to be presented with a bit of a challenge as well. You can find this challenge in the Amazon Rainforest at the Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve. Here you can select an adventure that matches your own personal physical fitness level.

If you are interest in leisurely hikes through the rainforest on well-defined trails, then the ‘easy’ programs are for you. These programs are a pleasant way to explore the Achuar communities at a comfortable pace. Most hikes in this program are about three hours long.

Perhaps you are looking for a little more intensity in your exploration. If so, the ‘moderate’ programs can provide a little bit more of a challenge. These programs include medium distance hikes that put you in the middle of off the path locations such as flooded areas. These hikes are usually about five hours long.

If you think that the ‘easy’ and ‘moderate’ programs won’t satisfy your adventurous spirit, then you might want to consider the ‘difficult’ programs. These demanding hikes through poorly defined or flooded trails can be up to many hours or even days long. Guides will be sure to carry food and supplies. These programs are sure to quench your thirst for exploration as occasionally it is possible to trek through virgin areas. To participate in these programs, excellent physical fitness is required.

On these programs you can expect to visit the Achuar communities, hikes through the lush rainforest, canoeing trips, and even bird watching.

Enid Glasgow