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Welcome to our new discoveries section dedicated to bringing you our newest journeys. What comes next? That is always our guiding challenge. Here, we present exciting new and emerging destinations to explore, people to meet and adventure tours to be experienced. Or, you may find itineraries that offer a new twist on a classic destination. All while we continue to honor our commitment to the best practices of sustainable, socially responsible travel. Travel should enhance our understanding of the world; promote connections between peoples and societies, and enrich travelers, the people they meet and the places they experience. Come along with us as we discover this amazing planet we call home.


President’s Pick: Sri Lanka A Natural Adventure
“Sri Lanka is re-emerging on the world stage as a destination. On this adventure, you explore Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural history that rediscovers areas of the islands such as Jaffna that have been seldom visited for decades. Savor home-cooked meals in private homes, tour Jaffna by bicycle, look for leopards in Wilpattu National Park, and climb the fabled rock fortress of Sigiriya, Discover the culture, religious traditions, history, nature and the welcoming people of Sri Lanka.”

Historic Routes of Ethiopia
“After leaving Kenya, my family and I spent a bit of time in Ethiopia on our way to the US. As a child in Kenya, one of my closest childhood friends was from Addis as well, so my desire to see Big Five in Ethiopia has been there for many years. And now, I am confident that the guide infrastructure is ready as well. Welcome to an amazing country!”

President’s Picks: Cambodia’s Unique Treasures
“When you mention Cambodia, what is the first thing you almost always hear? Angkor Wat! What if you heard something different? That is what this program is about – a different Cambodia. My first visit to Cambodia was as a college student with my family. I left curious, curious about what more there was. I am always looking at the possibilities of place. Travelers too often overlook Cambodia as stand-alone itinerary. This journey is proof that Cambodia can, indeed, stand on its own two legs as a unique and fascinating destination. I am proud to present you with this vision all these years later.”

President’s Pick: Northern Peru Warriors of the Clouds
“Most countries feel lucky to have an iconic sight or two. Peru is one of the few locations with so many that it transcends empires. This journey is about getting past the Incas and seeing the ancient empires of Peru that shaped the future. This journey is about changing how you see Peru through new concepts and access to new areas.”

President’s Pick: Adventure Guatemala & Panama
“The prefix “UN” connotes the opposite or the undoing of something. That is exactly what this journey is about. When I look at how travel in Central America is offered; frankly, I get bored! The same hotels, the same locations, the same activities consistently show up. What is missing is a sense of imagination and creativity. You should expect more – to see more, to feel more, to do more than the ordinary. This journey allows you to engage with the indigenous tribes of Panama, explore rural Guatemala by glamping in a remote luxury Airstream trailer, and discover the region’s rich ecosystems during hikes and rafting adventures. I promise you will not be bored.”


Presidents Pick: Bolivia & Argentina Highland Adventure
“I have always been fascinated with Bolivia, and for the longest time, kept trying to figure out just how to integrate it into the perfect Latin America itinerary without settling for the over-visited tourist islands on Lake Titicaca. We found the solution in Salta. This is the ideal access road into Bolivia that presents the perfect logistical order to manage these highland altitudes. At the same time, you explore the famous Inca culture in Bolivia as well as the lesser known Aymara culture of Argentina. This is the Latin America of tomorrow, where conventional itineraries and thinking are dispelled.”

Trekking Tasmania & Maria Island
This Tasmania-focused adventure offers a variety of settings from a four-day trek through the unspoiled natural beauty of Maria Island, off the coast of Tasmania, to a thrilling climb up Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge for unparalleled views of the surroundings. This journey also explores the beautiful coast along the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania’s stunning Freycinet Peninsula.

President’s Pick: Australia Unbound
“I am always amazed at how much of Australia is still undiscovered. When you look at where the largest cluster of hotels are, it represents less than half the territory. This itinerary is designed to remove you from those clusters, taking you to the frontiers where mass settlement has not yet happened. This is the real outback. Don’t go down under, go walk about.”

President’s Picks: Zimbabwe’s Wild Landscapes
“Like the rising sun, Zimbabwe is re-emerging as the safari destination for the ultimate bucket list. Its rich wildlife areas and incredible landscapes are irresistible. Like many other African countries, Zimbabwe has its share of economic problems, yet tourism married with conservation is proving to be the central solution that will help this country continue to emerge.”

President’s Pick: Natural Nicaragua
“Nicaragua has only recently come on the radar as an emerging destination for its wealth of nature-based activities. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast so hiking forests, swimming, kayaking, ash boarding and paragliding are all activities that I and my family enjoy. Add to this culturally and historically vibrant cities such as Leon and Granada, and the thriving coffee plantations, and Nicaragua is a fun and rewarding destination.”