Looking back over the last year, it was both challenging and exciting. We all saw our share of tragedies and triumphs as we do every year, yet, amazingly, each time we manage to end up stronger, wiser and ready for whatever comes next.

We wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017.

Last year, we were honored to become the only company in Virtuoso’s history to twice win the Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award, having won in both 2016 and 2014. And, our weekly blog was featured as one of the Top 100 Luxury Travel Blogs by Feedspot.com.

We launched our President’s Picks collection of innovative tours that encompass some unique activities not found elsewhere. For 2017, this collection will encompass re-emerging destinations including Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

To make your job easier, we initiated video conference calls that allow both the agent and the clients to have direct visual access to one of our Destination Specialists for a more personal conversation with the ability to share images, maps and more.

“This has proven very successful with both agents and their clients,” says Ashish Sanghrajka, president. “We have found that these visual sessions provide a key element in successful travel planning – setting the right expectations. We eliminate potential issues when all parties know exactly what to expect.”

And, we are delighted that the United Nations has declared this the Year of Sustainability. Over the course of the year, Big Five will highlight projects in locations around the globe we support that align with the principles of sustainability. For example, we continue to partner with One More Generation, whose project One Less Straw aims to reduce the use of plastic straws in places such as Colombia.

We are eager to explore with you the possibilities of 2017.

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