Although distinctly different, America and Canada share much in spirit, diversity, and ideas as well as a 5,525-mile border. We also share the freedom to walk our individual paths.

On July 1st, Canada marks 149 years as an independent country, and just a few days later, on July 4th, the United States celebrates 240 years as a sovereign nation.

May you live in interesting times is an often-quoted saying that has long been said to be an ancient Chinese curse. As it turns out, it is most likely an English expression dating from the late-19th century. It is, nonetheless, a fitting reminder of the world we occupy today when free nations around the world face unprecedented challenges on many fronts – socially, politically, financially, culturally and demographically.

As we get ready to celebrate our independence days with parties, fireworks, food, families and friends, we ought to take a moment to honor all those across the generations and around the globe who have sought freedom, challenged the status quo, and honored principles of free thought and expression. Many have died for these ideals, and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude that we can only repay by remaining ever vigilant against the forces that would pull us apart.

We wish you joyous and safe Independent Day celebrations, wherever you are.

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