The Navigator Series® Edition III is a reference book of the possible. And with it, we present our Distinctive Navigator Analyzer, DNA. You will learn more about this creative and innovative planning tool as you review this book and discover your and your clients’ Travel DNA, which helps set the groundwork to let each of us discover what we really want from travel. We came upon the idea in casual conversation, and we recognized that this is the basis for how all journeys should be designed – with your focus, not ours, not those of your neighbors or friends. This means reversing the entire process of what is currently accepted in vacation planning by helping you identify your personal passions. Much like the race car driver who trusts his vehicle and the process of the race, you can trust the process of discovering your own Travel DNA.

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Big Five

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About the Author: About the Author: Big Five's overriding mission is to turn dreams into reality. We offer customized luxury travel for individuals and small groups. Our luxury journeys are tailor-made to meet the discriminating tastes of our guests to any of our exotic and exciting destinations in Africa, Asia, Orient, Latin America and South Pacific.

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