“You may delay, but time will not.”


So said the ever-wise Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, time is a precarious and precious thing. It can rush past us like a shooting star on its journey home, or race past like a horse to the finish line. I expect to hear holiday music any minute now.

We suspect that like so many of us, you have been on overload with the flurry of activity from work to elections to getting the kids back to school this fall. So you may not have had the time to plan for the holidays.

Indeed, there are roughly 45 days – a mere 3,840,000 seconds – until the real season rush begins. But there is good news… It’s late but it’s not too late.

The chances are good that you can have a fabulous holiday getaway as long as you are somewhat flexible about the destination. While many locales were sold out long ago, there are still some great places to go such as Costa Rica, for example.

Costa Rica is well known and much visited. But whether you have been to Costa Rica or just heard a lot about it, you don’t know our Costa Rica – full of little-known places that offer luxury plus an abundance of active adventures. Our newest President’s Pick: Costa Rica Authentic   features a thrilling ultra-light flight that takes you soaring over breathtaking landscapes and waterfalls as well as whitewater rafting, zip lining, horseback riding and hiking. You can also learn about sustainable growing techniques used on plantations to produce some of the finest coffee available anywhere.

Stay tuned to future blogs and we will share some other last-minute gems.


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