There are very few chances in life to see religion, tradition and culture come together in one experience. The Foundations of Faith travel program will bring you to the culturally rich countries of Israel, Turkey and Morocco. This program was designed to explore the history of Judaism from the perspective of three very different cultures, two of which are predominantly Muslim. On your journey through this program, you will be led by the best guides, stay in amazing locales, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Traveling through Israel, Turkey and Morocco will be packed with great moments, but there will be a few highlights that stand out. For instance, while in Israel you will explore parts of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. This experience will be led by a Holocaust Survivor and is sure to be unforgettable. Also in Israel, you will visit a private home of a family from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. Finally, while touring the Golan Heights with a former member of the Israeli military, you will learn about the geo-political issues of the area.

The excitement continues as your journey will lead you to Turkey, where you will see the Gala Tower in Istanbul.  The Galata Tower was built in 1303 by the Genoese, so history buffs will be particularly excited about this stop of the trip. There will also be an opportunity to visit local synagogues and mingle with the locals.

In Morocco, you will have the opportunity to discover the Mellah of Fes, an over 650 year old neighborhood which is very close to the royal palace. It was here, that Jews took shelter during the 1912 pogrom.

As you can see, the Foundations of Faith program is an experience that will educate and enrich your life. The history and culture of Israel, Turkey and Morocco will leave an impression on you that you will never forget.

Enid Glasgow