Okay, so most of us like lists. In fact, some of us are obsessed with lists – making them, revising them, and crossing things off them. And, we make lists for everything – laundry lists, grocery lists, take-the-dog-to-the-vet lists, don’t forget lists, what-do-I do-next lists. You name it and it is on someone’s list somewhere.

The word ‘list’ dates back to Shakespeare (yes, most things seem to date back to Shakespeare) in his play Hamlet, when he writers “a list of landlesse resolutes”. Not dramatic by itself, admittedly, but there it is.

Making lists is almost a national pastime. One of the more famous list makers today has to be David Lettermen and his Top 10 List. Famous list makers of the past included Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

People create lists for many reasons – to create order out of chaos; to hopefully remember everything in our frantic daily schedules; to relieve stress; to help us focus; establish goals; and sometimes to make ourselves feel we’ve accomplished something at the end of the day if we have crossed off an item or two.

Among the most popular lists today seem to be the myriad of articles, books and websites devoted to lists focused on what to do, what to see and where to go before we die. Whew, talk about stress…

We can help with that last one. About a year ago, we started our Favorite Five list, which reveals the top destinations people are booking right now. Booking, not traveling, so this list reflects where people will actually travel in the next three to six months. That gives you something to think about when planning your next grand adventure.

Sometimes lists show you something unexpected. This month our favorite list includes, for the first time, Colombia as the top destination our travelers are booking. So keep checking our Favorite Five as it changes every month so you can stay ahead of the crowd.

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