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It’s been a pretty exciting week here for us at Big Five. We are delighted to share with you that our ground-breaking Precious Journeys programs are really getting attention. We were featured in the July 8th edition of The Wall Street Journal. in an article about family travel today. Of course, we love the wonderful recognition, but even more important to us is the reception we are receiving from you.

Judging by your reaction, we know we are traveling in the right direction. You have let us know how much you appreciate adventure travel that places kids at the center of the equation; journeys that take place in the mind and spirit as well as in reality.

The primary reason that Precious Journeys came into being was because we looked around at the current adventure travel landscape, and realized that there was a dearth of genuinely kid-oriented journeys. What was available were kid leftovers, if you will. By that, we mean that what was labeled family friendly was, in almost every case, merely child tolerant. There is a world of difference in those two phrases.

Simply repackaging an already existent product or service and calling it child friendly does not work with today’s families.

Just about everywhere you look these days, someone is touting their products as good for kids. That includes not only in touring, but you see it in promotions for accommodations, restaurants and activities. But slapping on a new coat of paint or a new name is rarely, if ever, effective. Today’s consumer are too sophisticated for that.

We build each Precious Journeys itinerary from the ground up, with plenty of input from our own families as well as with the help of other kids. We have lofty aspirations for these journeys… we hope to inspire passion and purpose for the next generation.


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