Every experienced traveler has moments and stories about a certain journey that brings back vivid memories which absolutely cannot be forgotten. Mongolia is a place that will give you the exact same enriching experiences. There are things in Mongolia that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. Imagine walking across a stream with ice that is ninety feet deep in the middle of the summer.  In Mongolia, you can! For those seeking the adventure of discovery, there is a remote region in Mongolia that has been isolated for centuries and is home to some amazing ethnic minorities. Exploring the rest of Mongolia can be very exciting as well as there are opportunities to go on an exclusive tour in a helicopter. On this tour, you will travel to very remote regions of the Gobi Desert which is only known by paleontologists and a handful of others. This is a very exclusive and almost “top secret” experience that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. When you arrive to these select regions of the Gobi Desert, you will be greeted by some of the leading paleontologists of Mongolia. They will show you the techniques they use to dig up dinosaur fossils and you will even be able to do some digging yourself! Imaging the look on your loved ones’ faces when you arrive home telling them about your stroll over a frozen stream in the summertime, your helicopter ride across the Gobi Desert and your fossil digging adventure with some of the greatest minds in Mongolia. The time to start planning your Mongolian experience is right now. This is truly an exciting region of the world and offers memories that will last a lifetime.

Enid Glasgow