Cape Malay "Dhaltjies"

Cape Malay “Dhaltjies”

I’ll bet at least once in your life someone cautioned you against eating and talking at the same time. But what about walking, talking and eating? If you like to walk, meet new people and love food…. we have a treat for you!

Anthologists have long explored connections between what we eat and who we are. Much about a country and a culture is expressed through its cuisine. We have a delightful foodie experience in the lovely city of Cape Town, South Africa. What makes foods distinctive from region to region usually originates in the home. But you can’t just wander into someone’s house and pick up a spoon.

So on this experience, you walk the streets of Cape Town, stopping to taste a mixture of traditional South African dishes found in the city’s street foods. You visit some artisanal food and coffee shops. You talk to cooks, chefs and food fixers as you taste some South African soul food such as pap – a porridge that is a staple of the traditional Bantu people. It’s served with samp (corn kernels) and bean stew, and vetkoek, fried dough bread common in Afrikaner cookery. You’ll also sample falooda, a traditional Muslim rose milkshake, and gourmet bunny chow for a taste of Indian cuisine. Taste bobotie pies, a modern take on the Bobotie dish, traditional with both the Cape Malays and the Afrikaners. Try koesister, Cape Malay spicy doughnut “dhaltjies”/chilli bites. Artisan chocolate is made from pure unroasted cocoa beans and combined only with sugar – suitable for vegans. Enjoy meebos – a local sweet made from dried apricots.


Bobotie Pies

This is something you will want to tell mom about – just don’t tell her you were eating and talking at the same time. This food experience can be incorporated into a South Africa journey that includes Cape Town such as South Africa – Cape Town & Eastern Cape.

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