There are many places all over the world where travelers can choose to stay in boutique hotels. This sounds very pleasant, but what exactly is a boutique hotel? Basically, a hotel is considered ‘boutique’ when it has a feeling of exclusivity by having limited rooms and a high level of personalized service from the staff. These hotels maintain a low guest-to-staff ratio and are designed to fit the culture of where it is located. Staying in a boutique hotel can be a very nice experience.

While there are boutique hotels can be found all over the world, very few compare to those found in India. On the outskirts of Jaipur, there is a very beautiful boutique hotel named Devi Ratn. It has sixty suites and three villas available for guests. The Devi Ratn boasts bright colors, modern amenities, and spectacular views of the Aravali Hills.

Another great example of a boutique hotel in India is RAAS. Located in Jodhpur’s Walled City, this hotel has just thirty nine rooms and features some very intricate Rajput architecture. RAAS also provides guests with amazing views, as every room in the hotel has a view of the Mehrangarh Fort. If you are looking for a mix of history and modernity, definitely take a trip to RAAS.

When you think of India, you might not immediately think of boutique hotels. However, you should! These are just two of the many different options which are sure to make your trip to India even more memorable!

Enid Glasgow