Dear Retail Travel Partner,

No, this isn’t another government bailout. This is about the essence of partnership, where innovation and relationships come into play in the face of economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

Today we stand together yet again, this time in the face of an economic climate not seen in decades. As you are aware, the Canadian dollar is at one of its weakest points versus the US dollar, and this is combined with the suppressed oil prices.

Big Five is here for you and is proud to introduce our newest initiative – CAD Assistance. Through our experience working in the currency markets, Big Five is able to offer you some sorely needed aid, especially if you are the owner of your agency, and that is assurance.

Beginning this month, we are pleased to offer you a locked-in currency exchange rate of USD1 = CAD1.20. This applies to all NEW bookings where the departure date allows all payments to be made on or before September 30, 2015. The best part – if the CAD shows a period of strengthening where the market rate is better than our assured rate, then your prevailing rate will apply*. This means there is no downside risk for you because we looked out for you on both sides of the coin.

In 2008, Big Five opened operations in Canada because we believed in the Canadian market and the need to introduce sustainability and luxury to the Canadian traveller. Over the past few years, Big Five has forged amazing relationships with key partners such as you, delivering an award-winning product and revolutionary customer service through our premier 24 hour White Glove Service® Guest Assistance. In return, you have shared in our growth and successes over the years. Big Five remains committed to Canada and to our travel agency partners.

Today’s traveller is looking for an experiential luxury product that features sustainability and authenticity working in perfect balance. Big Five knows just how to deliver that and how to make you and your guests stand for something more. Becoming part of the larger solution is as easy as a click or phone call. Now with CAD assistance, it’s even easier.

See why our mission statement is as relevant as ever…
“We don’t tell stories better, we tell better stories”®


Big Five

From: Big Five Travel

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