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Not until we venture out do we truly become citizens of the world.  And, our children are the best ambassadors.

Traveling with children opens doors that we never would expect. Our Precious Journeys collection makes exploring the world fun for children and the adults they bring along. These adventures allow our youngest travelers to explore a wondrous world of exciting places filled with incredible animals, amazing landscapes and fun things to do. In crafting these unique journeys, our focus is on children between the ages of five and 11.  BigFive_Frog_Icon webWe have selected the best options in touring that put children first such as the number and length of flights on any specific day, the number of hours spent driving between destinations, the flexibility available in meal options, availability of specialized children’s programs, activities, guides, and more.

We want to inspire kids to discover the world – both its awesomeness and its challenges. They meet other children as well as fascinating people working on real-world solutions; and experience the sustainability movement on a global basis. They explore a world of different ideas. They learn about the trials facing Africa’s wildlife by visiting an orphanage for elephants and rhinos and by actually walking with wild elephants in Kenya. They see what it takes to be an organic farmer in Costa Rica by helping pick coffee beans. They learn how to be a ranger in India’s tiger parks. These journeys, with more coming online soon, are meant to inspire our children to meet the world… head on…


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India – Saving Tigers 12 Days Precious Journeys Interest(s): Safari Tours, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $5,350

Explore India's natural wonders on this dynamic family adventure that includes learning to be a junior naturalist with stays in luxury tented camps. Track tigers and sloth bears and so much more.

Costa Rica & Nicaragua: Tarzan Swings, Aero Bunks & Monkey Bridges 12 Days Precious Journeys Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $5,390

This journey takes you into the rainforest of Costa Rica and the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua for an exceptional adventure full of learning opportunities and nature activities for a wonderful family vacation.

Kenya: Kids, Cats & A Tree House 11 Days Precious Journeys Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $14,490

Explore Kenya and share a life-enhancing experience with your family. Explore the African bush for elephant, lion, buffalo and so much more. Walk with your Maasai guide in the bushveld. Share a journey with African elephants in an extraordinary encounter.