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Inspired Expeditions - “To inspire is to imbue with the spirit to do something by or as if by supernatural or divine influence; to breathe life into; to stimulate energies and ideas.”

At Big Five, we have some of the most creative and talented individuals in our industry.  Our Destination Specialists receive hundreds of hours of training annually.  They are part of a diverse team assembled from 11 countries over 5 continents speaking a combined 10 different languages.  Our Destination Specialists have been recognized for their expertise, including several who have been on Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013  “A-List: World’s Top Travel Agents.”

We have asked our Destination Specialists to share journeys with you that they themselves are passionate about; an adventure that speaks to their hearts and enthusiasms.  This collection is designed to be organic and to grow, so check back often.


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