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Asia and the Orient have the feel of a good mystery, one you can never quite finish. 

Luxury travel and tours in Asia and the Orient are for anyone who took to heart Rudyard Kipling’s stories as a child, and for those who possess a richness of spirit and a readiness to engage the unfamiliar.  Asia and the Orient encompass such amazing destinations including the Himalayan countries of Nepal and Bhutan as well as Tibet, China; incredible India with its dynamic cities, historic forts, heritage properties, tiger reserves, and cultural diversity; Thailand’s floating markets and hill tribe villages; Cambodia’s compelling Angkor Wat temple complex; and China’s renowned antiquities.

There is still so much more to Asia and the Orient that you will discover here.  We invite you to select your own storybook destination from the classic destinations here.  Big Five Tours & Expeditions’ award-winning luxury Asia and the Orient tours open the door for you to experience the magic and many mysteries of the Orient.


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Asia & The Orient Tours

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Legendary China 29 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $14,350

Explore the depth of China, its vast history and amazing cities and towns. See the inspiration for the mountain in the movie "Avatar." Enjoy unique excursions such as traveling in a sidecar of a replica of a 1930’s BMW M71 motorcycle in Shanghai; touring Guilin by bicycle; and taking a bamboo raft along the Yulong River through amazing landscapes.

Custom China including Taiwan & Hong Kong Luxury Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Take on infinite China, home to incredible wonders - both man-made and natural - from the Stone Forest in the southwest to Beijing's Great Wall to, Xian's incredible Qin Dynasty (246-209 BCE). clay army. The cultural, historic and natural wealth of China would take a lifetime to fully explore and comprehend, but you can experience some of the most dynamic and thrilling aspects of China. Explore the natural personality of Taiwan, with its surprisingly diversity of nature-based activities such as mountain biking, climbing, rafting, scuba diving, sailing and more; while Hong Kong is home to traditional monasteries such as Po Lin, Big Buddha, and world-renowned high-fashion shops, restaurants and more, China represents a kaleidoscope of unique experiences.

China’s Canal Cities 12 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s):

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Discover the historic Grand Canal, which originates in Beijing and is the longest canal, or artificial river, in the world. Enjoy authentic encounters as you explore a portion of the Great Wall first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557DC) and take train journey to Zhanjiang on the lower Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province.

China: Legacy of the Uyghur 15 Days Interest(s): Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $8,950

Journey off the tourist track to the last station in China on the ancient Silk Road.

China 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $7,430

Explore vivacious Shanghai, heritage rich Beijing, and traditional villages of Longsheng and Guilin.

Kao Gu China 12 Days New Reality Interest(s):

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Visit historic sites such as the Mogao and Thousand Buddha Caves on this journey, and explore one of the world's most fascinating cities - Beijing and its Great Wall. Discover the Hanyang Tomb archeological site followed by a visit to the antique renovation room to speak with the resident archaeologist in a one-on-one setting.

China’s Captivating Visions & Timeless Horizons 15 Days Interest(s): Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $7,100

Experience life in southern China on this journey named one of National Geographic Traveler's 2011 “50 Tours of a Lifetime.” Discover the China of centuries past and immerse yourself in the vibrant, modern culture of Shanghai.