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“Welcome to our new discoveries section dedicated to bringing you our newest journeys. What comes next? That is always our guiding challenge. Here, we present exciting new and emerging destinations to explore, people to meet and adventure tours to be experienced. Or, you may find itineraries that offer a new twist on a classic destination. All while we continue to honor our commitment to the best practices of sustainable, socially responsible travel. Travel should enhance our understanding of the world; promote connections between peoples and societies, and enrich travelers, the people they meet and the places they experience. Come along with us as we discover this amazing planet we call home.


Indonesia’s forests, beaches and traditional cultures
Explore the world of orangutans as spend some time in the company of these extraordinary animals. Discover the rich cultural tapestry and important historic Hindu temples of Bali and Ubud. Venture out on a thrilling helicopter exploration over villages, deep river valleys, beautiful picturesque rice fields and the volcanic Kintamani Caldera. This is a spectacular Indonesian experience.

Trekking Adventure in Ecuador’s Andes
In this high-altitude adventure, discover the traditional Indian village of Peguche and the family of artists there who specialize in crafting traditional musical instruments. Enjoy Otavalo’s indigenous food market to sample some exotic fruits in a market atmosphere. Walk the rim of the volcanic caldera. Take a photography lesson with a recognized photographer. Explore the Andes on foot during a three-day trek between mountain lodges for an amazing hiking adventure.

Ecuador’s Interiors: Volcano to Rainforest
Explore some of the fascinating variety Ecuador has to offer, including its distinctive cuisine – from the food markets in Quito and Otavalo to a culinary lesson in Quito, to sampling gourmet Ecuadorean fusion cuisine with a chef, who shares his secrets and famous recipes. Encounter some of Ecuador’s amazing wildlife such as the high-flying condor of the Andes and the fabled pink dolphins of the Amazon. Delve into the Amazon rainforest during a three-night river cruise, and meet with Kichwa women as they share their customs, cuisine and everyday life in the jungles. Go horseback riding in the Andes past Caranqui pyramids, the largest and best-preserved archeological sites of the ancient Caranqui culture with 132 small earth mounds dating as far back as 700 CE.

Natural Nicaragua
Nicaragua has only recently come on the radar as an emerging destination for a wealth of nature-based activities that range from forest hikes to encounter a variety of wildlife, to swimming and scuba diving, to kayaking, ash boarding and paragliding. Add to this the culturally and historically vibrant cities such as Leon and Granada, and the thriving coffee plantations, and Nicaragua offers a great place for a getaway.

President’s Picks: Botswana & South Africa
“Botswana is truly the last frontier, a pristine safari destination, with a mission to protect the pinnacle of sustainable tourism. This adventure goes beyond conventional safaris, introducing facial recognition software as the means of identifying and tracking animals in the future. This is not your typical Botswana safari, which is based in the home of National Geographic’s Dereck and Beverly Joubert. You end your journey in South Africa’s Winelands and Cape Town.”

President’s Pick: Incredible Indochina
“I first visited Indochina with my family in 1998, and remembered thinking how much potential this region had if the infrastructure could just be improved. Fast forward to today and the conversation has changed completely to ‘how do we keep these areas authentic?’ This itinerary answers that question. Noted chef and author Daniel Hoyer introduces you to Hanoi’s street foods, and you will visit the studio of celebrated artist Helene Kling in Ho Chi Minh City, who has lived in Vietnam since 1996. You even spend a night on a floating luxury hotel on the famous River Kwai. From world-class accommodations to sailing the Mekong River, this exceptional journey takes you to the cutting edge.”

Adventure Botswana
Explore the varied landscapes and environments of Botswana that encompasses Savuti Channel, the Okavango Delta and the dramatic Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Encounter large herds of zebra, wildebeest, elephant and other wildlife. Enjoy outstanding bird watching. Take in the iconic Victoria Falls and explore the range of adventure activities available.

Zambia & Malawi
Discover the wealth of natural adventures in this journey into Zambia and Malawi. Enjoy a cruise on the fabled Zambezi River, Go on safari in Zambia for elephant, antelope, buffalo, kudu, zebra, Thornycroft’s giraffe and wildebeest as well as lion, wild dog, hyena and leopard. Experience Malawi’s Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, the country’s oldest and least-developed protected and home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including more than 280 species of birds.

South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana
Take in the famous Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe and and enjoy the wide range of activities ranging from a cruise on the Zambezi River to bungee jumping. Explore Botswana’s remarkable national parks and private game reserves teeming with animals including huge herds of elephant and buffalo. Discover the  Okavango Delta’s rich waterways by canoe and boat and travel into the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, where the ancient Mopane forests, open grassland and seasonal floodplains coexist. Savor the experience of staying in small, luxury safari lodges and tented camps that recall another, slower time.

India: A Northern Adventure
Experience India’s first luxury mobile tented camp in stunning high latitude settings while exploring the towns and villages of the northern province of Ladakh. On this journey, you can participate in a traditional sunrise prayer ceremony at a monastery and explore Nubra Valley and the village of Turtuk, the only place in India where you can witness the centuries-old Balti culture. Experience the Ganges at sunset and witness the Aarti Ceremony at Parmarth Niketan. Explore the striking spiritual ambience found in Haridwar.

Classic Egypt Exploration
In this new Enrichment series adventure, discover ancient Egypt’s fabled monuments from the great Pyramids of Giza to the Valleys of the Kings and the Queens. Explore the monument sights during a four-night cruise on the magical Nile River. Spend an enchanting evening visiting Cairo’s cafes and shops and met local residents to learn about their lives today. Discover fascinating desert oasis of Fayoum, the oldest city in Egypt, founded 4000 years BCE, making it also one of the most ancient cities in all of Africa. This journey is an excellent introduction to both ancient and modern Egypt.

President’s Picks: South Africa
“Change is the name of the game in Africa and this is especially true in South Africa. As a second generation native, I have witnessed everything from government changes to the rise of leaders such as Nelson Mandela. Through it all, South Africa has always carried a special place for me because of its dynamic blend of the modern metropolis of Jo’burg and small cosmopolitan Cape Town with the quintessential safari experience. And, it serves as a gateway to the entire continent. Some things never get old.” 

President’s Picks: Adventure Australia
“I have been traveling to Australia for more than a decade now, and it keeps drawing me back again and again because I discover more to enjoy single every time.”

President’s Picks: Morocco
“I have found the Morocco no one else knows – even the carpet salesmen. And it begins with original Van Gogh art in Marrakech and culminates in the Agafay Desert. I invite to discover unexplored Morocco.”

President’s Pick: India
“I’ve traveled to the furthest corners of India ever since I was a child, and have always been in love with the country, its history, and its politics. This is the authentic North India I want to share with you.”

President’s Pick: Ecuador & Galapagos
“Remember 25… That represents roughly the percentage of Ecuador’s population on the mainland who are indigenous. By including traditional communities in the tourism equation, we create a win-win for all, and help us fulfill our sustainable promise.”

President’s Pick: Argentina Adventures
“I have always had that fire burning in me to search out the most authentic of places. We kept pushing for more until we finally uncovered a whole new layer. This program is the first part of that culmination that finally connects Argentina to the ancient cultures of South America through Salta.”

Luxury Peru Adventure Tours for Hikers
Hikers explore the Andean landscapes of Peru during a dramatic lodge-to-lodge adventure that encompasses treks in altitudes of 3,868m/12,690 ft to 4,636m/15,213 ft. As you end your mountain trek, you will savor a distant but spectacular view of the mountain fortress of Machu Picchu from the southeast. You also explore the classic colonial cities of Lima and Cusco and enjoy a scenic flight over the famous Nasca and Palpa Lines. This is a luxury hiking journey for active adventurers seeking an unrivaled, high altitude experience of the Peruvian Andes.

Guatemala’s Jungles, Jaguars & Peanut Butter
From making chocolate and peanut butter, to climbing a volcano, to ziplining in the rainforest, this amazing family adventure encompasses some of the best experiences Guatemala has to offer. Go on a jaguar footprint scavenger hunt, and wander the stone monuments of the Mayan city of Tikal.

The Silken Thread – Tribal Connections
Step off the well known trails to carve out a one-of-a-kind travel experience that is uniquely yours. Northeast India is home to more than 200 ethnic groups, each with its own tribal language. This journey takes you into villages rarely visited and offers a wealth of cultural encounters with traditional people who still operate under the tribal system.

Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador & Peru
This family exploration of the Amazon Rainforest Basin delves deep into two countries, where you engage with traditional communities to understand how they live in today’s world. Explore the lush jungle and its rich wildlife. Travel rivers by traditional dugout canoe. Children have the opportunity to meet other kids on this remarkable journey.

Heritage of a Nation
In this journey, you discover the rich heritage in the heart Narendra Nagarl, and savor the spiritual ambience found in Haridwar and its Hindu temples and ashrams. Witness the sacred Ganges River during a twilight Ganga aarti ceremony.

Legendary China
Explore the depth of China, its vast history and amazing cities and towns. See the inspiration for the mountain in the movie “Avatar.” Enjoy unique excursions such as traveling in a sidecar of a replica of a 1930’s BMW M71 motorcycle in Shanghai; touring Guilin by bicycle; and taking a bamboo raft along the Yulong River through amazing landscapes.