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Adventure… This simple word conjures up a world of possibilities. Each of us defines it on our own terms. Big Five’s talented team of Destination Specialists has created exceptional opportunities for you to indulge your spirit of adventure. Each element of our adventure tours has been honed and polished to a high sheen to insure that your custom journey surpasses expectations. Don’t see your ultimate tour here? Our specialists have the imagination and resources to help you define your own definition of adventure travel and make it a reality. Challenge us to create and customize your adventure. Let us show you how we don’t tell stories better; we tell better stories.


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President’s Picks: South Africa 10 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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“Change is the name of the game in Africa and this is especially true in South Africa. As a second generation native, I have witnessed everything from government changes to the rise of leaders such as Nelson Mandela. Through it all, South Africa has always carried a special place for me because of its dynamic blend of the modern metropolis of Jo’burg and small cosmopolitan Cape Town with the quintessential safari experience. And, it serves as a gateway to the entire continent. Some things never get old.”

President’s Picks: Adventure Australia 13 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $13,000

“I have been traveling to Australia for more than a decade now, and it keeps drawing me back again and again because I discover more to enjoy single every time. The country is vast and has so many facets, so many nooks and crannies as yet unexplored by travelers that the opportunities to find something unique, something off the beaten track are almost endless. This journey fits in well with our other adventures in this country in terms of Big Five being fully sustainable in Australia.”

President’s Picks: Morocco 11 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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“The long drives that are involved in traveling in Morocco have always bothered me; especially when they yielded disappointment. Over last 10 years of travel to Morocco, repeatedly searching for new places and exciting opportunities, I can say “success.” Finally, I have found the Morocco no one else knows – even the carpet salesmen. And it begins with original Van Gogh art in Marrakech and culminates in the Agafay Desert. I invite to discover unexplored Morocco.”

President’s Pick: India 14 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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“I’ve traveled to the furthest corners of India ever since I was a child, and have always been in love with the country, its history, and its politics. For a long time now, I have felt that India had all the tools to be truly great, if it would just get out of its own way. That applies especially to tourism. For years, every commercial and magazine article talked about palaces and grand monuments. All integral parts of India, however, hardly the complete story. I began to look for community involvement – an integral component to the equation of authenticity. I was disappointed with the answers I received. Where was the value, where was the authenticity? Many seemed reluctant to explore new ideas. I want to introduce you to the India I know such as in this itinerary where we take you to Haridwar, closer to the source of the sacred Ganges River, where the water flows clean. You witness an aarti ceremony in the evening along the river, where prayer ceremonies are performed with passion, not for tourism’s sake. Indeed, you’ll find few tourists here. This is the authentic North India I want to share with you.”

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands 14 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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On this adventure, you will explore the lush cloud forest of Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve and travel into the highlands of Ecuador to the historic Hacienda Zuleta. Explore the Tulipe Archaeological Site, originally built by the Yumbo people between 800 and 1660 CE. Enjoy a five-night cruise of the Galapagos Islands aboard the M/C Athala II, and encounters the endemic wildlife from iguanas to seals both on the volcanic islands and in surrounding waters. Savor an island stay at a safari camp and see one of the few Scalesia forests that remain almost intact. This is a spectacular journey for nature lovers.

President’s Pick: Colombia & Guatemala 11 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $8,250

“I am a self-admitted history buff, and can’t get enough of it. In much of Latin America, the Incas and Mayans occupied so much of the space, it was difficult to see beyond. I wanted to examine the empires that came before, after, and in between these groups. Enter Colombia, a destination we helped launch in North America almost 10 years ago. Being a pioneer to this area is one my proudest moments. With Guatemala as one of our core products for so long, we were constantly looking for ways to combine Colombia with Guatemala as a way to complete the bridge between the Mayans and early Colombian empires before the Incas came to power. We had access to glamping equipment in Guatemala, which allowed us to offer our guests something more. This allowed them to stay overnight at an ancient site to really feel the Mayan spirit that is imbedded in the ruins, making this a much more compelling experience. I am proud to say Big Five was one off the first combine these two countries, and now I invite you to join us in being a part of history.”

President’s Pick: Chile’s Patagonia & Mapuche Culture 14 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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“Everywhere I look when I see itineraries for Chile, I keep seeing the same four or five locations over and over. For quite some time, I felt that something more existed, an experience or interaction that not only showed me something new about Chile, it also met a personal requirement of mine regarding sustainability. Enter the Mapuche communities, one of the oldest indigenous cultures in a country. There is tremendous history in Chile dating back to the Incas and beyond that reaches beyond Chile’s tourist locations that everyone already visits. I am delighted to be able to take our guests off the track to see the real Chile.”

Namibia & Botswana 14 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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Conservancies are the future of Africa and Botswana and Namibia are on the leading edge of this movement. From the intentional cap on the number of visitors through pricing in Botswana, to the constitutional amendment for sustainability in Namibia, southern Africa is facing a new frontier for remote safaris. The open ranges of northern Namibia, where the real Namibia can be found, to northern Botswana’s Selinda Spillway, where you witness the lesser-known zebra migration, this safari offers you a different view, an authentic experience.

Classic Australia & New Zealand 29 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $29,000

This distinctive Australia and New Zealand exploration takes you into Australia's cities from iconic, sophisticated Sydney to Melbourne with its mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture, trams and boutique shops. Enjoy a jaunt to Kangaroo Island to discover the vast wilderness of Flinders Chase National Park. New Zealand's stunning islands encompass the South Island's beautiful Christchurch and continue to Queenstown, where you savor a hot air balloon with views of the Southern Alps. North Island's Rotorua is a thermal wonderland is one of New Zealand's most colorful volcanic areas. Stay in some of the most exclusive and luxurious lodges in the South Pacific that offer adventures ranging from star gazing, to jet boat journeys, to trekking and wildlife viewing.

President’s Pick: Private Conservancies in Tanzania 11 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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“When a country struggles for tourism the way many in Africa have in the last 18 months, there is something special that comes out of that journey – innovation. Over the last decade, the resistance to poaching and the need to preserve indigenous cultures became so strong that the notion of community-based conservancies was born. It was pioneered in countries like Namibia and Kenya. That same idea spread like wildfire into Tanzania, where the commitment to the conservancy model of safaris is now thriving. We hope that the cliché of the mass of tourist buses surrounding animals and Maasai villages that are more like gift shops become a thing of the past. This safari is an example of what the future of safaris in Tanzania will look like in the years to come. Why wait for the future when it can be your present.”

President’s Pick: Argentina Adventures 16 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $8,000

“I have always had that fire burning in me to search out the most authentic of places. One of the areas that frustrated me the most was Argentina. No matter how hard I looked, all I could find were the same areas in every itinerary. Where had our imagination gone? Was this all Argentina had? We kept pushing for more until we finally uncovered a whole new layer. This program is the first part of that culmination that finally connects Argentina to the ancient cultures of South America through Salta.”

Luxury Peru Adventure for Hikers 20 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $19,990

Hikers explore the Andean landscapes of Peru during a dramatic lodge-to-lodge adventure that encompasses treks in altitudes of 3,868m/12,690 ft to 4,636m/15,213 ft. As you end your mountain trek, you will savor a distant but spectacular view of the mountain fortress of Machu Picchu from the southeast. Then experience this ancient Incan fortress. You also explore the classic colonial cities of Lima and Cusco and enjoy a scenic flight over the famous Nasca and Palpa Lines. This is a luxury hiking journey for active adventurers seeking an unrivaled, high altitude experience of the Peruvian Andes.

Australia’s Abundant Adventures 15 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

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Australia’s adventurous personality shines in this journey that takes in breathtaking lands, unique flora and fauna, and adventure activities from diving the Great Barrier Reef to climbing Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. Explore Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast, with its white sand beaches, dramatic wilderness and breathtaking vistas. Enjoy the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney, and so much more. Experience Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake, from Pumphouse Point, where explore by canoe or hike the internationally known Overland Track hiking trail in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness.

Silken Thread – India’s Tribal Connections 18 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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Step off the well known trails to carve out a one-of-a-kind travel experience that is uniquely yours, Northeast India is home to more than 200 ethnic groups, each with its own tribal language. This journey takes you into villages rarely visited and offers a wealth of cultural encounters with traditional people who still operate under the tribal system. Most of these people can trace their history directly back to Southern China, which you will see in their faces and in their handed-down traditions.

Guatemala’s Jungles, Jaguars & Peanut Butter 8 Days Precious Journeys® Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel, Family Travel

Starting Price: $4,370

From making chocolate and peanut butter, to climbing a volcano, to ziplining in the rainforest, this amazing family adventure encompasses some of the best experiences Guatemala has to offer. Go on a jaguar footprint scavenger hunt, and wander the stone monuments of the Mayan city of Tikal. This is a journey your family will long remember.

South Africa’s Unique Lodges 11 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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South Africa is home to a variety of outstanding and unique lodges and tented camps. This adventure offers three very distinctive properties that give travelers experiences ranging from the classic African safari in search of the 'big five' in Sabi Sands, to the rare and unique fynbos plant kingdom of Grootbos, with its remarkable whale watching opportunities, to grass lands of the Kalahari, home to the traditional San people.

Australia’s Primeval Landscapes 11 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $7,700

Australia offers unique natural wonders including Ningaloo Reef, an extraordinary yet largely unknown jewel, where you can, depending on season, swim with the giant whale shark, the world’s largest fish, and witness turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs in summer. Discover Flinders Ranges, a timeless terrain molded by hundreds of millions of years of geological activity resulting in some of Australia’s most spectacular outback scenery during guided excursions highlighting the geology, history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of the region. Experience sophisticated Sydney with its eccentric history, beautiful harbor, fine dining, galleries and Adelaide's elegant tree-lined streets, stone churches, Central Market. Sample wines from more than 60 wine regions across Australia at the National Wine Center.

Legendary China 29 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel

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Explore the depth of China, its vast history and amazing cities and towns. See the inspiration for the mountain in the movie "Avatar." Enjoy unique excursions such as traveling in a sidecar of a replica of a 1930’s BMW M71 motorcycle in Shanghai; touring Guilin by bicycle; and taking a bamboo raft along the Yulong River through amazing landscapes.

Tanzania: Into the Wild 14 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

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Explore Tanzania's unique ecosystems and abundant wildlife in Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti Plains. Travel into Mahale Mountains to discover the world of chimpanzees.

Peru’s Amazon, Andes & the Coast 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Safari Tours, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $7,800

Explore some of Peru's extraordinary landscapes from the amazing Amazon Rainforest, where you stay in a treehouse and take an unforgettable journey from the Andes to the Pacific Coast on the brand new Interoceanic Highway. Encounter with river communities to learn how they coexist with the remarkable environment. Travel by train through simply spectacular mountain scenery as your train winds through dramatic scenery to reach the monumental mountain fortress of Machu Picchu... the Lost City of the Incas. Get an aerial look at the mythic Nazca Lines and Palpa Lines, ancient geoglyphs in the desert as well the oldest Chakana (Andean Southern Cross) that can be seen from the air.

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