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Few countries in the world can rival Peru for the sheer drama of its archeological sites and the awesome physical beauty of its landscapes. 

The mist-shrouded peaks of the Andes Mountains envelop Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas, once thought to be mere legend.  The Sacred Valley and the royal tomb of Sipan testify to the early inhabitants of Peru.  Intriguing riddles remain unsolved such as the dry desert site of the famed Nazca Lines.  Peru shares the world’s highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca, with Bolivia.  Other Peruvian gems include the rainforest of the upper Amazon River; and Colca Canyon, with depths of 11,000 feet, making it twice that of the Grand Canyon.  Many of Peru’s ancient cultures and traditions are still splendidly alive in villages such as Pisaq, Willoq, and the floating islands of the Uros culture, where families live much as their ancestors did.  Whether hiking the ancient Inca trail, strolling the narrow streets of colonial Cusco, or boating remote Amazonian headwaters, a Peru luxury tour is rather like an extraordinary gourmet meal, where every morsel tastes better than the one before.


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Peru experiences two very distinct seasons, wet and dry - terms that are more relevant than "summer" and "winter." Peru's high season for travel coincides with the driest months: May through September, with the most visitors in July and August. May and September are particularly fine months to visit much of Peru.

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Peru is in the same zone as U.S. EST (GMT -5 hours).

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Nuevo Sol (S/), divided in 100 cents. Coins come in 5,10,20 and 50 cents. Banknotes are in denominations of 10 20 50 100 and 200. US dollars are welcome at most shops, restaurant and services stations at the current exchange rate.


The electric voltage in Peru is 220 volts, 60 cycles. Most hotel bathrooms include an electric outlet with 110 volts for electric shavers but not to be used for irons or hairdryers.

Peru Tours

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Peru Adventure 17 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $8,900

Take your family on a rich exploration of some of the most fascinating aspects of Peru, and savor opportunities for river rafting through Class II and III rapids, ziplining, trekking, camping, and canoeing.

Peru: The Flavors of Peru 9 Days Inspired Expeditions Interest(s): Recommended

Starting Price: $7,500

Explore some of Peru's culinary traditions as you explore Lima, Peru’s capital city. Then travel to Pisaq in the fertile Sacred Valley of the Incas and discover the ruins of MorayTake in the mythic Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu!

Custom Peru Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $4,000

Explore the myriad adventures Peru offers - from hiking the Inca Trail to discovering Lake Titicaca, to experiencing Machu Picchu.

Peru: Walk among the Ancients 14 Days Inspired Expeditions Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $6,890

Trek along the old route of the Inca Trail, and discover White City of Arequipa and Colca Canyon. Explore the fascinating colonial city of Cusco, at 11,200 feet above sea level. Along the way, enjoy comfortable lodges, watch Andean condors soar, visit small villages and Incan ruins on this thrilling adventure!

Peru 9 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $5,190

Peru is rich in art and architecture of both the Inca and Spanish Colonial. Explore two of Peru’s most fascinating cities; Lima and Cusco. Travel to the Andean village of Pisaq in the fertile Urubamba (Sacred Valley). Then enjoy a train journey to Machu Picchu, rolling through spectacular, evolving landscapes. Venture into the sanctuary fortress of Machu Picchu and discover the ruins of Moray.

Peru: Adventure in the Andes 13 Days Inspired Expeditions Interest(s): Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $9,400

This Peru journey offers some extraordinary adventures including ziplining into the Sacred Valley; spending a remarkable night in a completely transparent bedroom hanging from the side of a mountain; enjoying a classic train journey through the Andes to discover mythic Machu Picchu; and travel to the edge of Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon on the planet, reaching depths of 11,000 feet – twice that of the Grand Canyon.

Peru: A Spiritual Journey 9 Days Inspired Expeditions Interest(s): Recommended

Starting Price: $5,550

Highlights include Machu Picchu, Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley of the Incas) and colonial Cusco.