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Discover vibrant Colombia, a nation determined to outgrow its recent dark past.  It has accepted the challenge to heal and move forward. 

It beckons travelers to do the same – to look beyond, to experience historic colonial cities, distinct cultural traditions and a new generation of luxury boutique hotels.

Colombia was originally inhabited by several indigenous nations including the Muisca, Quimbaya and Tairona groups. The Spanish arrived in 1499, and brought African slaves to Colombia in the 16th century.  The result is a colorful tapestry of brilliantly interwoven threads. Bogotá’s Gold Museum, with its extraordinary collection of artifacts, testifies to Colombia’s proud heritage.

Add adventure experiences such as scuba diving and mountain biking to the misty Andean mountain ranges, great sweeps of the Amazon Basin, vast plains and coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and it’s no wonder Colombia is burgeoning into an outstanding destination. Experience Colombia luxury tours with Big Five.


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President’s Pick: Colombia & Guatemala 11 Days President’s Picks Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel, Family Travel

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“I am a self-admitted history buff, and can’t get enough of it. In much of Latin America, the Incas and Mayans occupied so much of the space, it was difficult to see beyond. I wanted to examine the empires that came before, after, and in between these groups. Enter Colombia, a destination we helped launch in North America almost 10 years ago. Being a pioneer to this area is one my proudest moments. With Guatemala as one of our core products for so long, we were constantly looking for ways to combine Colombia with Guatemala as a way to complete the bridge between the Mayans and early Colombian empires before the Incas came to power. We had access to glamping equipment in Guatemala, which allowed us to offer our guests something more. This allowed them to stay overnight at an ancient site to really feel the Mayan spirit that is imbedded in the ruins, making this a much more compelling experience. I am proud to say Big Five was one off the first combine these two countries, and now I invite you to join us in being a part of history.” Ashish Sanghrajka

Volcanoes of Latin America 19 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Romantic Getaways, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Recommended

Starting Price: $14,790

Born of volcanoes, Guatemala, Ecuador and Colombia feature fascinating landscapes and flourishing cultures to discover. Board a helicopter for an overflight of six different volcanoes en route to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Savor a rare experience… glamping at Uaxactun Mayan ruins - an overnight stay in the ruins in the comfort of your own private camp with candle-lit dinner. Explore Colombia's Popayan, known for its beautiful colonial architecture and nearby Purace National Park. Visit the Totumo Mud Volcano, northeast of Cartagena, for a thermal mud bath, both restoring and fun. Take in Ecuador's fabled volcanoes, escorted by a volcanologist, who will help you explore the geology, history and legends of these ancient landscapes

Guatemala & Colombia 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s):

Starting Price: $10,360

Delve into the ancient cultures of these two countries, from staying overnight at Guatemala's Maya Uaxactun Archeological Site, to exploring the pyramids of Tikal, to examining some of the 500 millennia-old stone statues of Colombia's Pre-Inca San Agustin Archeological Site.

Colombia, Ecuador & Peru 14 Days New Reality Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $4,750

This journey explores South America's pre-Incan societies that over the centuries settled along the Peruvian coast and highlands, the highlands of Ecuador and in Colombia.

Colombia’s Colonial Cities, Coffee Culture & Coast 16 Days New Reality Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $5,620

Discover Bogota's colonial architecture and museums such as the Museo del Oro with displays that include some 32,000 pieces of gold. Visit the 16th-century Villa de Leyva, one of the area’s most beautiful towns. Tour Colombia’s famed coffee region. Take in the enchanting old Walled City of Cartagena. Go whale watching, kayaking or surfing on Colombia’s Pacific Coast.

Colombia’s Indigenous Trails 16 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Sustainable Travel, Adventure Travel

Starting Price: $6,950

Historic Spanish colonial cities and local mountain villages are cultural gems to explore.

Custom Colombia Tour Varied Days Navigator Series Interest(s): Recommended

Starting Price: $2,800

Colombia 13 Days Enrichment Series Interest(s): Adventure Travel, Family Travel

Starting Price: $5,510