When learning about a destination, it is recommended that you get in touch with an expert on the country. With an exciting country like Argentina, it is almost imperative that you do ample research so that you can narrow down your travel to-do list. Destination Specialist and Argentina travel expert Gisela Polo took some time to address some frequently asked questions about Argentina.

Q: What are some of the most exciting places to visit in Argentina?

A: There are three places that I recommend travelers visit when planning a trip to Argentina. The first place that I recommend is Buenos Aires. In my opinion, this is the most exciting city in South America. There is so much culture in this sophisticated city and the night life is also amazing. The next exciting place that I would recommend is the Perito Moreno glacier near El Calafate where you will find breath taking scenery. Finally, travelers should be sure to visit the Patagonia Lake Region. This area is famous for high quality skiing and a world competition is held there as well.

Q: When is the best time of year to visit Argentina?

A: Traveling to Argentina between December and April will provide milder, more ideal weather.

Q: What would you say Argentina is best known for?

A: I would say that Argentina is best known as the birthplace of the tango. The country is also well known for the variety of its scenery. You can see many different landscapes throughout the country. One other thing that Argentina is known for is the hospitality of its people. They are very warm and strive to impress tourists.

Q: What is the cuisine of Argentina like?

A: Argentinian food is very flavorful. The preparation of different types of meat is world famous and some people even travel the country sampling the different types of meats.  You can also find some excellent pastries in Argentina as well. Overall the restaurants and service are outstanding.

Q: Is there any special wildlife in Argentina?

A: You might not expect this from a South American country, but there are whales and penguins in the Patagonia area. It is always fun for travelers to see them. Argentina is also home to some of the finest horses in the world. The sport of polo is very popular and participants pride themselves on their horse training skills. Many travelers enjoy going to polo games and observing the horses.

Gisela Polo

About the Author: Gisela has been in the travel/hospitality industry for 24 years, 12 of those years in Peru. She earned her bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Management, and a master's degree in Marketing of Tourism in Peru. While her special interest is Latin America, she also has a great deal of interest in and knowledge about areas in Africa and Asia.