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Travel Pulse: Hawkins International Releases Top Travel Trends of 2015 by Ryan Rudnansky, January 08, 2015


Special Section: Ebola & Africa 

Recommend.com: Ebola: Not a Risk for African Safari Travel
by Michelle Marie Arean, Nov 5, 2014

The Daily Beast (Newsweek): Ebola Could Deal a Deathblow to Africa’s Wildlife
by Brandon Presser, Nov 3, 2014

Travel Pulse: Beyond Ebola: A Conversation with Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five Tours
by David Cogswell, Oct 31, 2014

USA Today: ‘Epidemic of ignorance': Tourists avoid Africa, all of it
by Natalie Di Blasio, Oct 31, 2014

Travel Press & Travel Courier: Leading By Example: Operator Uses Geography To Allay Ebola Fears
Full article: Operator insists the Ebola isn’t threat to most of Africa
by Ian Stacker, Oct 30. 2014

Travel Pulse: Ebola: The Devastation of Irrational Panic
by David Cogswell, Oct 25, 2014

Huffington Post: Americans Are Really Confused About Which African Countries Have Ebola
by Amanda Terkel, Oct 23, 2014

Los Angeles Times: Ebola and Africa: Geographic misunderstandings scaring tourists away
by Mary Forgione, Oct 22, 2014

Travel Pulse: False Ebola Fear Threatens Livelihood of Humans and Animals
Op Ed: Ashish Sanghrajka, Oct 22, 2014

Travel Weekly:  Africa fears may deal blow to fight against poaching
by Ashish Sangrahja, President of Big Five, Oct 20, 2104

Big Five Tours & Expeditions Op Ed: The Hidden Impact of Ebola
by Ashish Sangrahja, President of Big Five, September 2014

Travel Weekly: Despite distance, Ebola fears have some safari clients hesitating
by Michelle Baran, Sept 28, 2014

Men’s Journal: How Geographic Ignorance Is Killing Africa’s Tourism Industry
by Jayme Moye


Other News

Huffington Post: 7 Experts Spill Their Go-To Travel Hacks For Better Trips
Nov 24, 2014

Travel Agent Central: Ashish Sanghrajka Joins Millennial Travel’s Board of Directors
by Newswire, May 29, 2014

Travel Market Report: Want to Attract Millennials? ‘Talk to Us,’ Advises Tour Op Exec
by Robin Amster, June 19, 2014

Travel Market Report: Sanghrajka Joins Board of Millennials in Travel
May 28, 2014

Travel Weekly: Egypt’s 2020 vision: 25 million visitors
by Michelle Baran, May 20, 2014

Travel Pulse: How Do You Market to Millennials? Authenticity, Experience and Free Wi-Fi
by David Cogswell Apr 23, 2014

Travel Weekly: New India tours tout escape from ordinary
by Johanna Jainchill, Mar 20, 2014

Recommend.com: Big Five Heads to Guatemala & the Galapagos
by Lane Nieset, Jan 16, 2014

The Wall Street Journal: Small Businesses Shake Off Recent Turmoil in Washington
by Angus Loten, 

Luxury Travel Magazine: Big Five Presents New Botswana and Zambia Journeys
Nov 5, 2013

Travel Weekly: Kenya says country is safe for tourists
by Michelle Baran, Sept 13, 2013

Travel Weekly: Tour ops and tourism officials see better days ahead for Egypt
by Michelle Baran, Jul 5, 2013

Robb Report: Journeys: Risk and Reward
by Jennifer Ryan, Aug 20, 2011


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